Ever wonder why people hate lawyers?

Ever wonder why the general public hates lawyers?
Ever wonder why any seasoned lawyer has a hard time disagreeing with that perception?

This blog is for lawyers who are tired of the status quo and want to make a change – now – in 2009!


One thought on “Ever wonder why people hate lawyers?

  1. Some sage once said words to the general effect of: “A society cannot allow itself to become too civilized to deal with its most barbarous elements.” The near quotation was in the context of support of harsh punishments for crimes.

    Unfortunately, a substantial fraction of litigation attorneys are society’s “most barbarous elements,” and other attorneys soon develop not only the thick skin you describe, but also, no matter how contrary to their own personal natures, often find themselves responding in kind. It thus becomes a race to the bottom.

    And despite the occasional lecture from the bench in the vein you recently experienced, judges do very little on any kind of consistent basis to tame the worst instincts of litigation attorneys. The judicial lectures amount to trying to bail out the Pacific Ocean with a teaspoon. If anything, the rare and almost meaningless efforts by judges do more to encourage this behavior than to deter it.

    I do not expect it to improve anytime soon.

    And I am quite disheartened by that fact.

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