Legal rebels unite!!!!

While I am busy “rethinking” the legal profession (and doing my part to implement change with FreelanceLaw and the National Association of Freelance Legal Professionals), the ABA Journal has given a great boost to us visionaries through its Legal Rebels project. 

A Legal Rebel road tour has just kicked off that will profile 50 of the countries’ legal visionaries and I am eager to follow its progress, especially because I’ve personally talked with some of them and know what profound and important changes they are working on. 

The first rebels to be profiled have already been identified – 

Cheryl Conner
Founder, New Prospects Collaborative
Advocating holistic, collaborative law

Susan Cartier Liebel
Founder, Solo Practice University
Teaching lawyers how to be solo practitioners

Daniel Schwartz
Chair, Task Force on the Future of the Connecticut Bar Association
Helping a state bar association become more tech-savvy

Kenneth Adams
Founder, AdamsDrafting
Educating lawyers to be better writers

Michael Will
Founder & CTO, docGenix
Designing software that helps lawyers work better and faster

Frank Aquila
Partner, Sullivan & Cromwell
Using mainstream and social media to pull back the veil on mergers and acquisitions

David Lat
Remaking legal journalism by crowd-sourcing the news

William Mellor
President, Institute for Justice
Proving humor has a place in issues advocacy

Rodney Smolla
Dean, Washington and Lee School of Law
Revamping law school in a practical mode

Cynthia Calvert
Co-director, Project for Attorney Retention
Seeking a work/life balance in law firms


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