Legal rebels need another leader, it seems

After getting off to a roaring start, it seems the ABAJournal’s Legal Rebels tour is already running out of steam.  I had such high hopes, but find myself sadly disappointed.   

A common definition for “rebel” is “to resist or defy an authority or a generally accepted convention.”  Susan Cartier Liebel has done that with the Solo Practice University.  Laurel Edgeworth has done that with the Law Clerk Connection.  Mae O’Malley has done that with Paragon Legal.  The latest four “rebels” seem to have done nothing rebellious at all.  They talk a lot, add a little use of technology, try to get lawyers to “stoppeth” using old English words in contracts, and make it a little more efficient to shovel around huge volumes of documents.  Come now, can’t we do better than that?

ABA Journal – you can do better.  And get rid of the silly “Legal Rebels” skateboard.  I don’t know what it is intended to represent or convey, but I haven’t come up with any flattering explanations yet.

P.S.  I have determined that I will give the ABAJournal Legel Rebel’s a temporary benefit of the doubt and continue to follow progress of their project.


2 thoughts on “Legal rebels need another leader, it seems

  1. This is how I felt about the RebLaw conference at Yale – there was nothing rebellious about it. If you think about it, it really is an oxymoron. ABA would (could) never truly endorse a rebel; the mere endorsement of the ABA makes the person not a rebel, by definition.

    In any case, we’re continuing to rebel over here.

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